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saturday, september 5, 2015 6:00pm

6-8pm: The Alex Bryson Quartet - Jazz

Alexander Bryson is an English Pianist based in New York. After completing his undergraduate degree at Trinity College of Music in London he moved to New York City to to pursue a Masters degree in Classical performance at Mannes College the New School for Music. Following graduation he has worked increasingly as jazz musician, an area in which has been involved thoughout his classical studies. During his time in New York he has worked with Murray Wall, Dwayne Clemons, John Leonard, Gary Montenaro, and Marie Claire Giraud

saturday, september 5, 2015 8:00pm

8-10pm: Lady E & Blacque Diamond - Old School R&B

MY band is composed of musicians with over 10 or more years of experience. Which consist of lead guitar..bass guitar drums...keyboard and sometimes cungo. ..We are old school R & B..I the lady E have been singing for over 20 years which started with gospel..I have 2 background vocalist whom have sang with the persuasions and various other groups for over 20 years..

saturday, september 5, 2015 10:00pm

10pm-12am: Bil Aka Kora from Burkina Faso - Djongo Music

Bil Aka Kora's sound draws upon traditional music from the language, instruments, rhythm and themes of the south of Burkina Faso. Bil's music is a wonderful and charming mixture of the Kasséna traditional rhythms with jazz, reggae and blues. The Djongo music has inspired from the Djongo, which is a dance of strength of men with the aim of charming women and showing them their value.

saturday, september 5, 2015 12:00am

12-3:45am: DJ JP Biamby

DJ JP BIAMBY Presents Classic Afro-Beat, Coupe Decale, Hip Life, Najia, N'dombolo, Soukous, Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton sprinkled with a little bit of current Hip Hop & R&B.

sunday, september 6, 2015 5:00pm

5-8pm: The Shrine Sunday Jazz Jam Session with Lu Reid

Spontaneous Jazz does not happen at Lincoln Center...or BAM!!! It is still in Harlem, where my friends and I live it every day. All the musicians on these streets are stars. When I was a kid and I first heard the sweet language of that magical Jazz I was hooked for life. You just soaked it up and couldn't help but be moved by it as you walked the streets. I can still feel that kaleidoscope of sound, and I want to bring it to you each and every Sunday.

sunday, september 6, 2015 8:00pm


The Shrine Big Band is a 15-piece big band, with three trumpets, three trombones, four saxes, flute, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Come and experience the experimental and hard-swinging sounds every first Sunday of the month from 8pm-11pm!

sunday, september 6, 2015 11:00pm

11pm-3:45am: DJ Ceace - Reggae Night

DJ Ceace is a DJ and promoter with over a decade of experience in music production and event entertainment. No matter the music genre , Ceace is dedicated to move people thru music.

monday, september 7, 2015 6:00pm

6-8pm: The Erica Seguine/Shannon Baker Jazz Orchestra

Seguine and Baker approached big band like a live oil painting. Colors were arranged by vibrancy and emotional content, not necessarily by section (high instruments with other high instruments, for example). The co-leaders took a controlled but liberalized approach to big band, where Bach, Dave Holland and the poetry of Rainier Marie Rilke are all fair game. (Dan Lehner, All About Jazz)

monday, september 7, 2015 8:00pm

8-9pm: Matthew Corey - R&B/Soul/Urban Folk

Matthew Corey is an inspirational, bluesy soul-rock singer and musician based in Upstate, NY.

monday, september 7, 2015 9:00pm

9-10pm: LOSTVIB3 - Live Hip Hop

Two brother’s 20-year-old O’shay LeGare and 17-year-old Geovonne LeGare forms LOSTVIB3. Born in The South Bronx, New York. It seems that they were born to be in the music industry playing seven different instruments between the two. A young eclectic musical duo that learned early on they shared more then just a sibling connection. It was the love of creating and playing music that made their bond even stronger.

monday, september 7, 2015 10:00pm

10-11pm: K&D - Pop Duo

K-BEL's a talented Singer, Songwriter, Producer and Multi-instrumentalist. He's an experient musician and already did shows in different countries. See more about K-BEL, visit k-bel.com and kbellive.com. DESIRÉE's a beautiful Singer, DJ, Fashion Blogger and Model, her Blog already have more 3 million views in Worldwide. See more about DESIRÉE, visit bloguesia.com.

monday, september 7, 2015 11:00pm

11pm-3:45am: DJ Natt from Japan

With 13 years experience, DJ Natt is a very famous and professional dj in Tokyo. He started his career in NY since 2015. He spins Hip Hop,RnB,Reggae,Dancehall,Soca,Latin,Naija,House and Electronic.

tuesday, september 8, 2015 6:00pm

6-8pm: Joe Wagner - Jazz

Joe Wagner was born to a musical family on June 5, 1976 in Saratoga Springs, NY. He started playing the alto saxophone at the age of 10 and quickly fell in love with the music of Charlie Parker. He studied jazz and frequented many jazz clubs in the New York area before starting his professional career at the age of 16. While playing in many jazz and R&B settings as a high school student, Joe continued to study and absorb the jazz language and while studying with many jazz luminaries such as Mark Vinci, Milt Hinton, Pat La Barbara, Nick Brignola and Frank Mantooth.

tuesday, september 8, 2015 8:00pm

8-9pm: Jaded Jane from Sweden

On the Day of Independence two brothers from Sweden arrived in New York to finish their musical project called “The Puzzle”. Inspired by a thousand piece puzzle of Michelangelo’s “The Last Judgement” made them realize that music is like piecing together a puzzle, but with ideas, sounds & instruments. It became a great adventure full of challenges & rewards, like working with musicians such as Aaron Heick (Sting, Richard Bona, CBS Orchestra) Frank Mccomb (Prince, Chaka Khan) and many others. All featured on original music by Axel and Adam Olsson.

tuesday, september 8, 2015 9:00pm

9-10pm: Anodyne Blues Band - Blues/Psychedelic

The Anodyne Blues Band plays an eclectic mix of classic Chicago blues, slinky slide guitar riffs, funky harmonica jams and a little bit of psychedelia, but they never lose sight of the song. The band brings a swinging groove and isn�t afraid to do the slow burning thing, either. Formed in NYC in 2007, their sound is sweet & nasty and as the name implies, just what the doctor ordered.

tuesday, september 8, 2015 10:00pm

10-11pm: Eliza & The Organix - Rock

Eliza and the Organix is an experimental Brooklyn-based rock group centered around the songwriting of vocalist and guitarist Eliza Waldman. Featuring Kristen Tivey on alto saxophone, backing vocals, and keys, Stephen Cleary on the bass, and John Gergely on drums, E&O deals in deep grooves, quirky humor, and high octane playing, drawing from a broad sonic canvas that remains focused in storytelling and soulful sound.

tuesday, september 8, 2015 11:00pm

11pm-3:45am DJ Basir

The R&B, old school, dancehall dj for a smoth tuesday night dancing.

wednesday, september 9, 2015 6:00pm

6-8pm: Tomoko Omura - Jazz

Violinist Tomoko Omura improvises exquisite melodic lines and harmonic depths that build on her initial classical training and irresistibly draw you deep into the territory of jazz and world music. Matt Glaser, jazz and bluegrass violinist and long-time strings chair at Berklee College of Music, has praised her music's perfect intonation and great feel.

wednesday, september 9, 2015 8:00pm

8-9pm: Toney Rocks - Blues

TONEY is a bold artist fusing elements of blues, rock, and electronic music. This lethal combination unleashes dynamic guitar playing, catchy songwriting, and singing filled with raw emotion. It's progressive and illusive when trying to lock it into one category.

wednesday, september 9, 2015 9:00pm

9-10pm: Cato - R&B Soul

Cato is a Brooklyn-based soul music singer/songwriter with a voice that has been described as a unique, honest, and soulful blend of eras. When you hear Cato, you will feel the diverse musical influences that have shaped his sound. From Motown greats to 90s Gospel, Hip-hop, and R&B, Cato draws from a deep pool of inspiration. With a fanbase that is mostly international, Cato is now quickly amassing a following in the states. He has performed at many well-known venues in NYC including SOBs, The Bowery Electric, and Webster Hall and is preparing to release an EP later this year. Cato is an artist. With each song, he strives to take listeners on a dynamic journey of emotions and experiences

wednesday, september 9, 2015 10:00pm

10-11pm: Greg Banks from New Orleans - Funk, R&B, Neo-Soul

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Gregory Banks is not your average artist. In a time where mediocrity has become the norm in an ever-changing music industry, only a few singers shine as true artists. He has opened up for Multi-Platinum artist Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Mike Jones, and Jazzy Jeff; won a B.E.T College Tour Competition; has been featured on many radio stations and local television shows; and was a finalist in Andre Harrell’s Superstar Soul Search Competition.

wednesday, september 9, 2015 11:00pm

11pm-12am: Conundrum - Live Hip Hop

Trumpet - Germain Brito Guitar - Isaac Sanchez Drums - Charles Tyler Bass - Kyosuke Nonoyama

thursday, september 10, 2015 6:00pm

6-8pm: Evan Francis - Jazz

The Evan Francis Group is a six piece ensemble that presents melodic and rich horns over an organic patchwork of afro-latin and north-american rhythms.

thursday, september 10, 2015 8:00pm

8-9pm: Michael Walz & Leo Bandeira - Brazilian Duo

Music, with its endless elements, is the ideal creative playground for Michael’s artistic expression. It is energy in motion; an e-motional reflection of people and cultures. When we first get to know people, they are like blank canvases. Almost immediately the painter in us starts to sketch our picture of them. While the painting is never done, at some point we only add little details that do not change our composition. And so it is with music, too. Although we don’t know if there’s something waiting for us, we feel impelled to shift to give life the opportunity to let change happen. When we move to a new environment, we arrive as a new canvas. Pictures can look very different depending on phases we are going through, directions we take, and where we are in life – physically, emotionally, spiritually – where we are on our own journey. And so it is with music, too.

thursday, september 10, 2015 9:00pm

9-10pm: Amandla Turner - Folk Rock

Amandla Turner was Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She joined the Brooklyn Youth Chorus, at an early age where she was instructed in choral singing for ten years. During her time with Byc, she was able to perform in various places such as Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Madison Square Garden and Radio City. She also performed with Lorin Maazel of the NY Philharmonic, Elton John, Sting and Lou Reed to name a few. She eventually focused on guitar and songwriting and attended Berklee College of Music in Boston Massachusetts. Amandla is joined by Gary Mirabelle who is a musician and songwriter.

thursday, september 10, 2015 10:00pm

10-11pm: Bad Ass Beauty - Rock Metal

Berklee College of Music Graduates that will give you a Musical Bitch Slap. Who cares about or bio. JUST LISTEN! Bad Ass Beauty is the future of Rock music fronted by the ultimate of female Bad Assness and backed by a band made of steel balls! We have taken Rock, Metal and Groove to a new level and mixed it with a dash of LaQ. This has turned into the band "Bad Ass Beauty." This super group is made up of musicians dripping with the seasoned sauces of professionalism and will take you on a musical journey into uncharted territory of sexy metal!

thursday, september 10, 2015 11:00pm

11pm-12am: KB Jones & The Kontraband - Pop Rock Hip Hop

KB Jones & The Kontraband's musical style is versatile, spotlighting each band member’s background. Blanketing the realms of funk, hip hop, pop, and classic rock, The Kontraband strives to create an atmosphere of party-filled fun laced with consciousness. Taking an organic, non-genre specific, fusion of musical forms, their releases reflect on the ever evolving pop music scene.

thursday, september 10, 2015 12:00am

12-3:45am: DJ 9AM

R&B, Reggae, Soca, Electronic, Hip Hop, and Old School music.

friday, september 11, 2015 6:00pm

6-8pm: Jocelyn Shannon Jazz Quartet

The Jocelyn Shannon Quintet is Jocelyn Shannon-voice, Mark Cohn-piano, Greg Zwiebel-bass, Ed Pillion-drums, Tom Bender-trumpet & flugelhorn. Jocelyn Shannon previously sang in The Wavelength​ Jazz Ensemble and has sung a variety of musical genres. Mark Cohn is a veteran jazz pianist, flutist and composer. Greg Zwiebel has played upright and electric in a number of jazz, funk, rock and fusion projects. Ed Pillion is a professional drummer/percussionist well versed in multipled genres. Tom Bender is a trumpeter/arranger/composer who's shared the stage with the likes of Hank Mobley, Jaco Pastorius, Lew Soloff and was a student of Pat Martino, Adolph Sandole and Manny Albam. Combined, their talents create a distinctive, compelling sound.

friday, september 11, 2015 8:00pm

8-9pm: The Breakdown - Funk Soul R&B

Kickin' drums, booty shakin' bass, swirling keyboards, wailing guitars and soaring lead vocals, The Breakdown is funky music guaranteed to please.

friday, september 11, 2015 9:00pm

9-10pm: EmZ from Australia - Pop Singer

Miss EmZ, is an international woman of mystery. Born in the lush tropical heat of Northern Australia her youth was spent frolicking in the untamed wilderness underneath the warm glow of the sun. Always with a song within EmZ takes her influences from the landscape she grew up in and from the rich life experiences she has collected on her travels across continents.

friday, september 11, 2015 10:00pm

10pm-12am: Heights Of Wisdom - Reggae

Eclectic, Vibrant, and Inspirational are just a few of the adjectives used to describe the performance and style of ‘Heights of Wisdom’. The founding members of the Band include: Jermaine ‘Autarchii’ Joseph (Vocals), Javed Wiggins (Saxophone), Desmond Braxton (Keyboard), Michael Pitt (Guitar), Coddel "Jerry" Stewart (Bass) and Rimel Smith (Drums and Percussions). Heights of Wisdom specializes in Roots Reggae music, as well as new sounds that defy the confinement of a genre and resonates withinthe soul and spirit.

friday, september 11, 2015 12:00am

12-3.45am: DJ Birane from Ivory Coast

One of NYC's finest African DJ, the best coupé decallé, hiphop & RnB, dancehall, soca, Zouk, Naija, and salsa in the city.