All shows at Shrine World Music Venue are all ages!
Patrons must be 21 years of age or older (with valid ID) to be served alcohol.
Shrine is a multimedia arts and culture venue, founded in 2007 by musicians and music lovers
in the music capital of Harlem, USA.
We are dedicated to art and culture in all mediums: film, theater, dance, and live music.
Shrine World Music Venue’s mission is to establish a positive creative atmosphere
for both artists and audiences from all backgrounds.

Shrine World Music Venue Highlights

We are a flexible arts and culture events space that fits 75 fully seated and 200 standing.
* Hardwood DJ/Dance floor
* Engineering by Ofer Tiberin (of Piano’s, L.E.S.)
* Full Backline with 5 to 6 bands a night
* 1 Cinema-scale projection screen with surround sound
* Full catering kitchen and event planning services
* Full bar
* Full food menu service
* Monthly Art Exhibition

NOTE: Shrine World Music Venue screens all major sporting events (football, soccer, basketball, baseball, world cup, super bowl, etc.)