Technical Info

Shrine Sound System

Front of House Speakers:
2- Meyer UPA-1P
1- Meyer USW-1P Sub
1- HPR 115 Sub
Monitors: 3 Independent mixes 3- EAW RL-12


Midas M32 Digital Console-32 Channel Digital Console. All FX, Eq's and Dynamics are built into the mixer and includes USB and Firewire Multitrack recording of up to 32 independent channels.

Monitors mixed from Front of House.


6- Shure Beta 58
3- Shure SM57
2- Shure SM81 3-Audix i5 1- Audix D6
2- Sennheiser 609
4- Sennheiser 604

DI Boxes

3-Radial J48
1-Radio Pro DI


Shrine provides quality, full backline that bands are welcome and encouraged to use when they play here. A drum kit, bass amp, and 2 guitar amps are provided.


Here are the specifics:

Drums: 4 piece DW series kit. This includes hi hat stand and 3 cymbal stands. We do not allow drummers to bring their own kit, they must use the kit provided. Drummers are also required to provide their own snare and cymbals. We do this to keep change over times to a minimum as we usually have several bands playing per night, and do our best to keep things on schedule. This is also to save space in the venue.


Note: Although we provide a high hat clutch, drummers please bring your own. This is a piece that for whatever reason gets lost/stolen easily, so it's safer for drummers to provide your own. Drummers are also welcome to bring their own kick pedal.

Bass Amp: Mark Bass Combo Head II (Stage Left)


Guitar Amps: 1-Orange Crush Pro 60, 1-Orange CR60 (Both Stage Right)


Note: If you still feel the need to bring your own amp(s), that is fine, but keep in mind the additional time for set up and that they will be set up in front of our house backline. We do not remove our amps from the stage or move them from their current position.

*Please be responsible for your own instruments, Shrine is not responsible for any lost/stolen items.

DJ: No DJ gear is provided, please bring your own and we can run it through our sound system.


Shrine offers all bands the option to have the audio and/or video of the show recorded for a fee of $60 for audio, and $60 for video. This does not need to be arranged prior to the show, please just ask the engineer when you arrive at the venue, and remind him or her to record before you begin the set.

Audio: The audio recording we provide is multi-track, meaning every input to the mixer (up to 32 tracks) is recorded individually so the tracks can be mixed down at a later time, completely independent of what the house engineer did to make the band sound good in the room. When you receive the recording you will receive multiple WAV files: One file for every microphone and direct input on stage. These files will have to be mixed down in Pro Tools or any other audio software. The tracks can be taken to any studio or home recording setup. The house engineer also does mix downs of recordings. The recording is pre EQ, pre fader, pre dynamics, pre everything but the mic preamp. To get your recording you will need to bring a hard drive (not a CD or DVD) and the house engineer will copy the files from our Mac to your drive. Your hard drive will need to be formatted for Mac. The other option is a flash drive, which works on both Mac and PC. Depending on how long the set is, and how large the band is (i.e. how many tracks), the recording should come in at under 20 GB or as small as 2 gigs for solo performers.

Note: If a band would like to bring their own recording device, and would just like a stereo audio feed off the board, there is no charge for this. The mixer has XLR and 1/4" outputs for stereo feeds.

Video: Video is in HD, one camera. Same thing with the files, they will need to be collected with a hard drive. Same night pick up will not always be possible as it takes a while to copy the video files to the computer. If it's early in the night and no bands after you are recording video then it may be possible. Please discuss with the house engineer on the night of your performance.

Note: By playing at Shrine you agree to allow Shrine to use any recorded media content for any promotional purposes in the future. This includes recorded audio, video, and photographs.

For any other technical questions, please contact the head house technician.


20-Elation OptiRGBA LED Par Cans - Controlled by MagicQ Lighting Control
Software on Mac Mini installed in tech booth.

Antari HZ-350 Hazer