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4-6pm: 'Brown Sugar' a Sunday Brunch Comedy Show

Chocolate Sundays is a new comedy show at The Shrine, bringing out talented comedians from all over, some of which you may have seen on Comedy Central, ComicView, B.E.T, MTV, Vh1, Conan, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Come grab a mimosa, eat a delicious meal, and enjoy the show!
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September 5

10pm-12am: Kakande - Music from West Africa

The balafon (xylophone) has electrified popular music in West Africa since the court of Emperor Sundiata Keita back in 1235. Lush vocals, flutes, sinewy guitars, cellos .
September 6

6-8pm: The Shrine Jazz Jam Session w / Andrew Kushnir

Join us at Shrine for a weekly Jam Session every Sunday evening. Bring your instruments and come ready to play!

8-10pm: The Shrine Big Band - Jazz

The Shrine Big Band is a 15-piece big band, with three trumpets, three trombones, four saxes, flute, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Come and experience the experimental and hard-swinging sounds every first Sunday of the month from 8pm-11pm!
September 7


September 8

9-10pm: Real Stormin Norman- Jazz / Rock

Stormin’ Norman Zamcheck is a pianist, singer/songwriter and raconteur. He has been writing songs since he was old enough to pick out a tune on the keyboard and write down the lyrics on his mother’s linen napkins.
September 9


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September 12

10pm-12am: Adam Travis & the Soul- Soul / Rock

Brooklyn based jam band fusing reggae, rock, blues, and soul.