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6-8pm: The Justin Rothberg Group- Jazz

We try to explore a variety of different styles of music. While the trio is firmly dedicated to jazz, we try to stay as open minded as possible. Songs are influenced by hiphop, funk, dub reggae, Latin, world music, and anything else the band has been listening to. To keep the music from sounding stiff, everyone tries to trust each other's musical taste. Even though I write all of the tunes, it's still a very open vibe on stage. No matter what song the band is playing, we're always open to experimentation

8-10pm: John Colonna- Groove / Jazz / Funk

The John Colonna Trio is a group of virtuosic musicians who channel the sound of classic jazz into modern feels like funk, rock, and gospel. The compositions of bandleader and pianist John Colonna are jumping off points for beautiful excursions into melodic and harmonic fantasy, while always maintaining a danceable and driving groove. Featuring John Colonna on piano, Kenji Tokunaga on bass, and Coleman Bartels on drums.

10pm-12am: Marco di Gennaro- Jazz

Marco di Gennaro was born and raised in Rome, Italy, and studied classical music at the Italian Conservatory of Music. As a composer, pianist, improviser, and arranger, he has performed all over the world. At the age of forty, Marco established himself in New York City, where he currently resides, playing extensively and gaining acknowledgement in the greatest music scene in the world.
October 31

6-8pm: Aquiles Navarro- Jazz

Aquiles Navarro is a New York-based trumpeter, composer and DJ of Panamanian heritage. He is also the CEO & Founder of River Down Records, a label that focuses on documenting and expanding the creative sounds and minds of Panamá. Aquiles' eclectic music background, based on his upbringing in Panama has led him to collaborate with folkloric musicians, dancers, visual artists, actors, poets and really the world around him.

8-10pm: Andy O'niell- Jazz

Andy O'Niell is a New York based Jazz Drummer. He studied with master drummers John Riley and Horacee Arnold and performed with Carmen Lundy, Andy Gonzalez, Wynton Marsalis and Bob Mintzer.

10pm-12am: Christian Contreras- Jazz

Christian Contreras is a New York based composer and performer. Having suffered the depths of manic depression and come out the other side, Christian has a unique perspective and experience that fuels his artistry and vision of music that has a healing and uplifting spirit.
November 1

6-8pm: Rodney "Godfather Don" Chapman-Jazz

Rodney "Godfather Don" Chapman is a New York based saxophonist that has been featured on multiple records.

10pm-12am: Ayumi Ishito Group- Jazz

Ayumi Ishito Group was formed in 2011 in Brooklyn. Unlike traditional jazz saxophone quintets, however, Ishito’s outfit focuses on musical stylings more akin to indie, progressive, and avant garde music. Her compositions concentrate on rhythmic shifts and ensemble texture rather than featured solos, differentiating her sound from other jazz efforts in the indie music scene.
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