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Saturday, November 1
7:00 7-7:30pm; Femme Rythm - A-capella
Femme Rhythm is an All-Female NYC Based collegiate A-cappella performing everything from modern commercial Top40 and pop to Hip Hop to 50's hits, Beatles favorites, jazz standards, TV theme songs and non-vocal classical pieces! We bring the strength of the feminine voice to the city streets with a zest and passion for stellar, professional performance and precision yet an undeniable bend towards silly fun! Take a listen to our style, and find that our novel bastion of Amazonian New Yorkers is something you'd love at your next event!
7:30 7:30-8:15pm: Circadian Clock - Rock Alternative
Circadian Clock is a 5 piece rock band formed in 2008. The seemingly mismatched group of strangers come together to make some seriously strange music, and they prefer it that way. The unique blend of many different styles of music make it difficult to pinpoint them under one genre, but they promise you'll enjoy the ride between Rock, Pop, Punk, Jazz, Classical and everything else.
8:15 8:15-9pm: Lawrence Cooley
Lawrence Cooley has performed professionally since the age of 16. He has performed in many parts the United States, Europe, and was the lead singer/guitarist of one New York's top drawing bands “Straight Wired” for over 10 years, known for their debut at Woodstock 94. He has worked with Omnipop, STARS Productions, Total Entertainment, and many of New York's finest agencies, musicians, and clubs.
9:00 9-10pm - Lachi - Pop/Rock
NYC singer-songwriter and author Lachi, mixes commercial rock, quirky pop and vocal soul with catchy yet thought-provoking lyrics, haunting, soulful melodies and her unique and powerful voice. Lachi has performed at numerous venues and festivals, including PrideFest (Milwaukee), where she opened up for Patti LaBelle and the Brooklyn Academy of Music café series, where they opened for Questluv of The Roots. Having collaborated with many notable producers, Lachi’s music has been featured in The Onion/AV, Oprah Radio, The Deli, MTV.com, E, Style-Network, Oxygen, CW, documentaries, indie films, online and FM radio and a host of other notable outlets.
10:00 10pm-12am: Kakande & High Voltage - Music from West Africa
The balafon (xylophone) has electrified popular music in West Africa since the court of Emperor Sundiata Keita back in 1235. Lush vocals, flutes, sinewy guitars, cellos .
12:00 12am-3:45am: DJ JP Biamby
DJ JP BIAMBY Presents Classic Afro-Beat, Coupe Decale, Hip Life, Najia, N'dombolo, Soukous, Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton sprinkled with a little bit of current Hip Hop & R&B.
Sunday, November 2
5:00 5-8pm: The Shrine Sunday Jazz Jam Session with Lu Reid
Spontaneous Jazz does not happen at Lincoln Center...or BAM!!! It is still in Harlem, where my friends and I live it every day. All the musicians on these streets are stars. When I was a kid and I first heard the sweet language of that magical Jazz I was hooked for life. You just soaked it up and couldn't help but be moved by it as you walked the streets. I can still feel that kaleidoscope of sound, and I want to bring it to you each and every Sunday.
8:00 THE SHRINE BIG BAND - 8-11pm
The Shrine Big Band is a 15-piece big band, with three trumpets, three trombones, four saxes, flute, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Come and experience the experimental and hard-swinging sounds every first Sunday of the month from 8pm-11pm!
11:00 11pm-3:45am Reggae Rock Steady Movement - DJ Madi/Dj AKZ
Your sunday rendez vous with Dj Madi and DJ AKZ spinning records that blend old school Hip-Hop, R&B, World & African music and a bit of old-fashioned rock and roll…
Monday, November 3
6:00 6-8pm: Francis Benitez Trio - Jazz
8:00 8pm-12am: Hip Hop and Spoken Words - Open Mic with DJ
"Likwuid blends her noble rhymes with lip biting grooves, I feel fortunate that her craft and beautiful spirit are rising in this decade as a contemporary. After experiencing Likwuid Stylez, i feel fully satisfied from the frontal lobe to the hip bones." -Esperanza Spalding, Grammy Award Winner
12:00 12-3.45am Harlem Soul Kitchen w/ DJ Jp BIamby
Harlem Soul Kitchen - Join us and Dj Jp Biamby at Shrine every monday night and listen to Soul Classics, Rare Grooves, Motown R&B & Classic Sampled songs with a little Hip Hop & R&B on the side.
Tuesday, November 4
6:00 6-8pm: Funk Ronin - Funk Rock
Funk Ronin is a saxophone, bass and drum trio with an emphasis on groove. Channeling elements of funk, jazz, hip hop, punk and prog rock-Funk Ronin has something for everyone.
8:00 8-9pm: E.sy Kennenga from Martinique - Solo Acoustic
A 14 ans, il intègre son premier groupe : One Day. 2 albums plus tard « Un jour » en 2001 puis « Il faut le dire » en 2003 le consacre star locale avec ses premiers compagnons saltimbanques. Grâce à ses quelques hits qui ont fait le bonheur de la jeunesse antillaise, il rencontre l’un des compositeurs star de la Martinique Mr Joël Jacoulet. Nouveau coup de foudre, superbe coup du destin, il intègre le B.Caribbean Crew, fer de lance de l’émergente nouvelle scène antillaise…
9:00 9-10pm: Shan Smile - Singer Songwriter from London, England.
Shan Smile is an unsigned singer songwriter from London, England. She also accompanies herself on the guitar performing sets that will certainly engage an audience. She recently released her EP entitled ‘He Loves Me’
10:00 10-11pm: Fillet Of Soul - Funk/Soul
This hip trio consists of lead singer/guitarist Shane McCaughey, bassist Rob Kissner, and drummer Sam Tritto "This is not your average band: Fillet of Soul knows how to work the crowd by either smoothing it out with some R&B or laying down the nastiest funkiest grooves this side of town. They are a must see." (Greg Allen, Right On Magazine)
11:00 11pm-12am: Orange No 9 - Rock
Orange No. 9 are, to put it as simply as possible, three New York based musicians coming to together to play the music they love. Not conforming to the metal movement, the pop movement, or any of the other music today, they blend a passion for punk, grunge, classic rock into an exciting new style earning them acclaim with each live performance.
12:00 12-3:45am: DJ 4Play
Wednesday, November 5
6:00 6-7pm: The Alex Bryson Quartet - Jazz
Alexander Bryson is an English Pianist based in New York. After completing his undergraduate degree at Trinity College of Music in London he moved to New York City to to pursue a Masters degree in Classical performance at Mannes College the New School for Music. Following graduation he has worked increasingly as jazz musician, an area in which has been involved thoughout his classical studies. During his time in New York he has worked with Murray Wall, Dwayne Clemons, John Leonard, Gary Montenaro, and Marie Claire Giraud
7:00 7-8pm: Sean Gaskell - West African Kora
Sean Gaskell features traditional songs on the Kora, a 21 string harp that he learned how to play throughout the course of multiple visits to its homeland in Gambia, West Africa. The Kora is native to the Mandinka people who live within the countries of Gambia, Senegal, Mali, Guinea, and Guinea Bissau. The music is traditionally played by oral and musical historians known as Griots (Gree-ohs). The Kora is a very melodic and seemingly peaceful instrument, which is contrary to its musical repertoire.
8:00 8-10pm: The Stachel Quintet - funky world jazz
Norbert Stachel is a multi-instrumentalist, recording and performance artist. He has long been recognized for his individualized soloistic style on saxophones, clarinets, and flutes. He has left his mark on recordings and performances with such great artists as Aerosmith, Tower of Power, Roger Waters, Tony Toni Toné, Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown, Prince, Tito Puente, Diana Ross, Boz Scaggs, Neil Diamond, En Vogue, The Temptations, Sheila E, Quincy Jones, Les McCann, Don Cherry, Freddie Hubbard, Roy Hargrove, Andrew Hill, and many others.
10:00 10-11pm: Progger
I'm an independent musician in New York. I lead a band called Progger, I've toured and recorded extensively with the Austin indie-rock band Nelo, and I was a founding member of the Grammy award winning modern jazz group Snarky Puppy, to whom I've contributed many performances and compositions. I recently recorded alto saxophone, flute, and clarinet on Bill Laurance's new album Flint, as well as tenor saxophone on Okkervil River's newest album, the Silver Gymnasium. My band Progger's latest album, Populace, was released in May 2014.
12:00 12-3:45am DJ Dakar - ragga, dancehall, naija ,Rnb, coupé
DJ Dakar is from the Pikine neighborhood of Dakar, Senegal, and now lives in Harlem, New York City. He got his start in the music business as an audio technician for radio and television in Dakar. He also DJ'd Dakar's late-night, hip-hop radio show "Hotmix" on WALF-FM. Now in New York, DJ Dakar's music is distinguished by his mixing of the latest hits in dance, hip-hop, Sengalese mbalax, reggae, Ivorian couper decaler, Congolese soukous, salsa, reggaeton and more.
Thursday, November 6
6:00 6-8pm: Sunfree - Jazz
Sunfree is a electric violinist, flute player and composer based in Harlem. On stage he brings a fresh take to the great american jazz songbook as well some original music of his.
Bill Hammer Presents.
8:00 8-9pm: Whiskey Heart - Blues
We are psyched to be included in The Aquarian Weekly's 10 must-see bands of 2014!! Huge thanks to Charley Crespo for checking out our show and including us in the article (here's a link must-see 2014). We've got big things brewing for this year, and being included in this list is super inspiring! That being said, be sure to check out the full band at Rockwood Stage 2 on February 13th at 11pm following the amazing Charlene Kaye! Want to hear us on the radio? Tune in to 107.1 The Peak online or in your car.
9:00 9-10:30pm: Garry Burnside - Blues
Burnside Exploration is the duo of singer/guitarist Garry Burnside, the youngest son of R.L. Burnside, and his nephew, singer/drummer Cedric Burnside, R.L. Burnside's grandson, who is only two years younger. They began playing music together as children, and were appearing on the juke joint circuit on weekends with Junior Kimbrough at the ages of 13 and 11, respectively. As Burnside Exploration, they have appeared at blues festivals and as the opening act for such bands as Widespread Panic and the North Mississippi Allstars. (Garry Burnside was also a member of the North Mississippi Allstars for a time.) Their debut album, The Record, was released in February 2006 on Lucky 13 Records.
10:30 10:30pm-12am: Pork Chop Willie - Blues
Pork Chop Willie’s debut national album Love is the Devil lights a new fire under America’s musical melting pot, bringing fresh heat to the Mississippi hill country blues tradition while blending in elements of Americana, rock, alt-country and even classical music. The 13-song disc serves as a bridge between those genres, the past and the present, and the band’s Magnolia State inspirations and Manhattan home.
11:30 12-3:45am AFROLICIOUS w/ DJ JP Biamby
Afrolicious - Dj JP BIAMBY Presents Classic Afro-Beat, Coupe Decale, Hip Life, Najia, N'dombolo, Soukous, Reggae, Soca, Reggaeton sprinkled with a little bit of current Hip Hop & R&B.
Friday, November 7
6:00 6pm-8pm: MinJin Seo Quintet
MinJin is a Jazz vocalist, songwriter and arranger from South Korea. She has been formally educated in music since she was 15 of age. She is currently studying for Master’s degree in Jazz Performance at Queens College, NY. MinJin can sing modern Jazz and standards jazz numbers, and her storytelling makes her an extraordinary musician.
8:00 8-10pm: Kosi - Singer Songwriter
She's more than just a drama queen. She's got piercing eyes and a voice that's larger than her body. But, small as she is, she won't fit in a box. She switches styles more quickly than you can follow. First she's jazz, then she's blues, then she's rock, but always powerful. You definitely want to hear this girl sing... if you can handle it.
10:00 10pm-12am: Ben Kogan from Brooklyn
Meet Ben Kogan from Brooklyn his music: Rock. Soulgrass. Like bluegrass but with soul in the front.
12:00 12-3.45am Dj Birane from Ivory Coast
One of NYC's finest African DJ, the best coupé decallé, hiphop & RnB, dancehall, soca, Zouk, Naija, and salsa in the city.